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Manufacturer of high-pressure jetting units "POSEIDON".
The equipment for repair, inspection, cleaning and installation of pipelines.

About company

«ZET-TECHNO” is an engineering company engaged in supply of a wide range of machinery for cleaning, diagnostics, mounting, welding of pipes and pipelines, equipment for waterjetting cleaning, high pressure apparatus

Production line of company “ZET-TECHNO” is high pressure apparatus «Poseidon».
The equipment is manufactured out of components from the European manufacturers and tested in accordance with standards ISO 9001.ISO 9001

The company has its own modern and production and storage facilities and superbly equipped
service center.

Due to production facilities and highly skilled specialists “ZET-TECHNO” can provide for supply of machinery and implementation of the whole spectrum of tasks related to integration and servicing of the products to address a customer’s needs:

  • Consultations from specialists with an extensive field experience in operation with machinery
  • Development of packaged solutions on the basis of a customer’s technical assignment;
  • Demonstration of equipment at the company facilities or at a customer’s site
  • Training of a customer’s staff at the company facilities or at a customer’s site.
  • Maintenance of equipment, warranty and after-warranty repair. The works are carried out in an efficient and expeditious manner at the production plant of the holding company or at representatives’ facilities in the regions of Russia and CIS, or at a customer’s site.

The showroom for tests and demonstration of operation of high pressure apparatus, trenchless pipelaying machinery and welding equipment is available throughout the year at our facility.

Service vehicle pool allows to carry out demonstration of equipment at a customer’s site.

Парк сервисных автомобилей

The company is an active member of the Russian Society of Trenchless Technologies, Russian Association of Water Supply and Sewerage, Club of Heat Power Engineering Persons “Flogiston”.

  • Московская
  • РОБТ
  • РАВВ
  • Флагистон

”ZET-TECHNO” has an extensivedealer network on the territory of the Russian Federation and its own branches in Saint Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, and Kiev.

ZET-TECHNO actively participates in exhibitions devoted to house and public utilities and pipeline machinery.

The whole of offered product nomenclature is either manufactured by our company or supplied directly from foreign manufacturers.

The ZET-TECHNO is a general representative of the following trade marks:

General Pipe Cleaners (USA). Equipment for cleaning and teleinspection of sewers and other pipelines.

General Pipe Cleaners provides tools for cleaning of sewers, teleinspection, cleaning of pipelines and air pipes. To drain sewers, mechanical, electromechanical, and hydrodynamic machinery is at your service. Equipment for removal of clogs in sewers and preventive flushing of sewers..

O.M.I.S.A. (Italy). Machines for butt welding of polymeric pipelines.

The leading European company manufacturing professional machines for welding of polymeric pipelines (high density polyethylene, polyethylene pipes).

HURNER (Germany). Tools for welding of plastic pipes. Equipment for butt and electrofusion welding.

Devices are employed to assemble plastic pipes. There are manual, combined and automatic aggregates.

I.S.T. – InnovativeSewerTechnologies GmbH, Germany

One of the leading German companies in the field of technologies and materials for rehabilitation of pipelines through lining methods (CIPP. Insitsu-form, repair by sleeve, liner) and spot repairs.

iPEK (Germany). Teleinspection equipment

So far, company iPEK is one of the world leaders in designing and manufacturing of teleinspection systems. The company has been in the market since 1988. A wide product line allows solving nearly all tasks of teleinspection, from inspection of 100 mm pipes to teleinspection of pipe collectors of up to 2-meter diameter and wells 500 meters deep. All equipment iPEK is manufactured in own plants inn Germany and Austria

Gejos Kanal TV (Germany). Teleinspection equipment

Gejos Hanal TV GmbH is the German manufacturer of high quality systems for teleinspection of pipelines. Its product line comprises push systems for teleinspection of pipes with a diameter of 600 mm max., including the fully functional systems fitted with cameras featuring such functions as swivel, tilt, focusing, etc.

Subsurface Instruments. Subsurface locators.

SubSurface Instruments is a worldwide known designer and manufacturer of subsurface pipe, cable and other object locator. Its products have a wide scope of application in construction, geodesic researches, water supply networks, sewers, gas, telecommunication and cable networks and have been well received among customers due to high quality and reliability. All products are manufactured in the USA.

Prototek Corporation (USA). Locators, line finders and explorers.

Ever since 1990 company Prototek Corporation (USA) has been developing specialized solutions for finding and locating of pipelines. The Prototek has always recognized importance of the use of innovations in its products such as locators, line finders, and explorers that feature unique functions, which make them one of the best in the market. All equipment from Prototek is made in the USA.

Gutermann (Switzerland). Equipment for the detection and localization of pipeline leaks.

Gutermann offers correlators, correlating leak finders, loggers, leak detection systems, line finders, data collection and city network leak monitoring systems, metal and non-metal pipeline finders, tools for determination of pipe depth laying, subsurface pipe and cable locators, portable correlators, built-in GPS-modules, registrator attachment to maps.

Laval Underground Surveys (USA). Teleinspection equipment for boreholes control.

Laval Underground Surveys has pioneered video inspection of boreholes over 60 years. First introduced by Claude Laval, now video systems Laval span the globe with leading positions in quality of video picture, easiness of use, servicing and customer support. So far, Laval Underground Surveys is still a standard-bearer in production of cameras and video systems.

Moro Pumps (Italy). Vacuum pumps and equipment.

Modern reliable vacuum pumps, vacuum arrows, filters and spare parts for sewage suction equipment, sewer flushers,and combined machinery. Moro Pump was founded in 1960 and is the biggest manufaturer of sewage suction equipment, sewer flushers,and combined machinery.

KEG (Germany). Nozzles and nozzles for sewer flushers.

KEG is a manufacturer of high efficient nozzles for sewer flushers. Sewers are cleaned by high pressure waterjets. Removal of clogs is carried out with the use of chain cutters. Modules for teleinspection of pipelines.

Vetter GmbH (Germany).

Since its foundation in 1964 company Vetter has been an innovative manufacturer of rescue equipment and multidimensional pneumatic sealing bags for various pipelines in any industry and housing and utility sector.

Footage Tools Inc. (Canada).

Founded in 1982, Footage Tools Inc. is proud of providing high quality products and services for its customers around the globe. Our modern plant employed the latest CNC technology, which ensures the highest quality and very long life of Footage Tools products.

Stoneage Inc. (USA). Accessories for industrial and public hydrodynamic equipment.

Accessories to be used with industrial high pressure waterjetting equipment during cleaning of surfaces, tanks not accessible for an operator, cleaning of boiler and heat exchanger tubes, semi-automatic systems for tube bundle and pipe flushing. Special nozzles for flushing of sewerage pipelines.

ZET-TECHNO (Russia). Equipment for industrial and public cleaning

ZET-TECHNO provides equipment for cleaning of boilers, heat exchangers, hydromechanical apparatus, plugs and pistons for cleaning of pipelines and various pipes.

Goodway (USA). Machinery for cleaning of boiler and heat exchanger tubes.

Goodway – machinery for cleaning of boiler and heat exchanger tubes. Mechanical devices with pneumatic or electrical drive, drills, brushes and special fixtures for cleaning of any pipes (including U-shape ones)

ROMACON (Holland). Repair clamps for pipelines.

ROMACON (Holland) is a leader in designing and manufacturing of various repair clamps for repair of damaged pipelines of water- and gas supply networks.

GardnerDenver Inc. (USA)

Gardner Denver – 100 -3,500 bar hydrodynamic equipment for cleaning of surfaces and flushing of pipes. High pressure machines for preparation of surfaces for painting, flushing of pipes and industrial pipelines with a diameter of up to 5 meters.

Turtleskin – protective clothes for safe work with hydrodynamic equipment.

TurtleSkin means safe work conditions, protection against accidents, and reduced insurance payments. More than 75 documents verify that TurtleSkin protective clothes prevent injury.

Krais (Poland).

Krais – equipment for pipe flaring. Flaring of boiler tubes, heat exchangers. Flaring drives. For repair of boilers, heat exchangers.

TRIC TOOLS (USA). Line units for trenchless replacement of pipelines. Hydraulic bursting tools. Well bursting equipment.

Tric Tools Inc. (USA) is one of the pioneers in burst-lining technologies and surely a global leader in line systems for replacement of pipelines through bursting.

Protective clothes TST (Sweden).

Improved protective clothes for work with extremely high pressures.

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